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We at the WritersCache are in search of stories and poems dealing with the terrifying, the unimaginable, the maddening. We are seeking works that describe the edges where reality begins to unravel, stories of forgotten places where mankind dares not look, tales of the dark things that dare trespass the fire’s light. Tell us of them. Speak their names. Note: this is a horror anthology, but if your submission would be at home in a Saw sequel, please refrain. Send us instead your beautiful nightmares, your terrifying truths, your existential dread. 5000 word limit, though longer pieces may be considered. Compensation may be offered for selected work. Multiple submissions will be considered. Simultaneous submissions are permitted, but please notify us if your plans change. Previously published work will be considered, but please provide relevant publishing history. Attach your submissions in .doc/docx format to an e-mail message with UNRAVELING SUBMISSION in the subject line and send it to by September 7

'Tis the Season 

Cozy up with this collection of short Christmas stories - some funny, some poignant, some both - to help you through the chaos of the holidays.

Much as we may aspire to perfectly wrapped presents beneath a glittering Christmas tree, kisses stolen under the mistletoe, and children who dream peacefully of sugarplums until Christmas morn, the reality of Christmas is messier, more chaotic, and much more diverse. Yet it is in the messiness that we often catch glimpses of the real magic—and meaning—of Christmas. This collection of short Christmas stories from around the world celebrates the magic, the chaos, and the traditions of Christmas.

With stories and poems by Kevin Ahern, Betti Avari, Jeff Bateman, Mark Blickley, Robyn Buttars, Becki Clayson, Owen Egerton, Russell W. Estlack, Joseph A. Farina, Denis Feehan, Sherrie Gavin, Norbert Góra, Jef Huntsman, RC James, McKel Jensen, Mary Ann Johnson, Tim Keller, Rachel Kirkaldie, L. S. Kunz, Caitrin Lynch, Des Mannay, Cy Martz, Keri Montgomery, Wallace Pride, Ann Privateer, Marilyn W. Richardson, Anne Stark, Marie Tollstrup, Chadd VanZanten, E.B. Wheeler, and Michael Young.


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Soul, Sand & Sky 

"Going to the mountains is going home." - John Muir

There's a power in venturing outdoors. Whether it's a solitary pilgrimage up a mountain, a family camping trip gone wrong, or shooting the rapids with strangers, we return changed. The stories and poems in this collection celebrate nature and the ways it transforms us.

Featuring the writings of Britt Allen, Betti Avari, Marilyn Ball, Shanan Ballam, Jeff Bateman, Alice M. Batzel, Eric Bishop, Star Coulbrooke, Brock Dethier, Dustin Earl, Matthew Funk, Lorin Grace, Jo Lynne Harline, Jef Huntsman, McKel Jensen, Tim Keller, Dinty W. Moore, Stephen Page, Felicia Rose, Jennifer Sinor, Isaac Timm, Chadd VanZanten, and E.B. Wheeler.


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Image by Samantha Gades


Whether we're behind the wheel or in the passenger's seat, cars sometimes take us places we don't expect. Ride along on a nostalgic road trip in these twenty-eight true and could-be-true tales of muscle cars, first cars, and dream cars.

Featuring stories by Jack Remick, Rachel Barham, Lynne Burnett, S.L. Clarke, Neil Dabb, Patricia DiMaio, Matthew J. Ence, J. Anthony Gohier, Janine Harrison, Jef Huntsman, Fiona M. Jones, Tim Keller, Kamal E. Kimball, Stanley L. Klemetson, Jessica de Koninck, Mike Langtry, Marjorie Maddox, Keri Montgomery, Stephen Page, Marilyn W. Richardson, Felicia Rose, Patty Somlo, Isaac Timm, Chadd VanZanten, and E.B. Wheeler.


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The Unraveling 

It starts with a single thread. Something strange you catch in the corner of your eye. Something following you in the shadows. Things that once slept are awakening. No one else sees them. No one believes. But once it all unravels, everyone will know.

This trip down the trails of madness features short horror suspense stories by Alexander Gordon Smith, Maxwell Alexander Drake, Eric Bishop, McKel Jensen, Tim Keller, Mike Nelson, TJ Tarbet, Gabriel Taylor, Isaac Timm, Chadd VanZanten, and E.B. Wheeler.

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